The king's birthday was almost here and the kingdom was preparing for his royal birthday party. 
The day before the party, his royal servant, Toby, asked the king what he would most like for his birthday. The people of the kingdom wanted to bring some gifts to the party, but they didn't know what the king wanted. So the king thought about it for a moment and told Toby four things he would most like to see on his birthday. Toby quickly wrote them down and ran out of the castle to share the list with the people of the kingdom. 

Unfortunately, on his way out of the castle, the list fell into a puddle and when he looked at the list, most of the words were gone and only parts of each word were readable! 
He didn't know what to do…Toby couldn't remember the items on the list, the king would be away for the rest of the day and there would be no way to ask him for the list again!
So, Toby dried off the list and continued to the center of town to speak with the townspeople. 

The townspeople ran up to Toby when they saw him. 
"Did you ask him, Toby?" "What would he like for his birthday?" "What would he like us to bring for him?" 
Toby sighed and looked very sad as he told them what had happened.

"Well," Toby finally said, "maybe we can work together to figure this out."
Everyone watched as the Toby took a new piece of paper and numbered it from 1 to 4.  He copied the letters that were left on the old sheet of paper. He left blanks for the letters couldn't be read. 
This is what the new list looked like: 

1) T_ _ TH _ _ _ SH 
2) B _ _ D 
3) U _ _ R _ L L A 
4) _ _ _ _ N _ S 

A little boy looked at the list and then asked Toby, "Can you remember what the king said about any of these words, Toby?" 
"Well…, "said Toby as he took moment and tried very hard to remember. " I do remember that the first word had to do with staying healthy and keeping his teeth clean."

Look at Item 1 on the list and think of what Toby just said…can you guess what it might be?

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The story and ideas are © 2000 Jennifer A Schultz (Jen's Sunny Corner)
All Rights Reserved.