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You have decided to open up a little refreshment stand on the edge of Lake Loquax!

You will start out with $100.00 to buy supplies and you have 3 weeks to try to make as much money as you can! (Don't forget that you have to pay $10.00 every day to Mr. Loquax for renting your shop on the lake!)

Each evening you have to look at the weather forecasts and choose what items you have to buy to sell to your customers on the following day.

Mugs of Hot Chocolate sell well on cold days.
Glasses of Apple Juice sell well on hot days.


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Lake Loquax game provided by Loquax
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~~ Helpful Tips ~~

  • Don't charge too much: If you try and charge your customers too much they'll stay away!

  • Don't charge too little: You'll get more customers if you charge very little for your products, but you won't make much money at all.

  • Advertising works: Usually anyway! A few well placed posters work wonders!

  • Weather: There are five types of weather round the lake, from hottest to coldest they are: Sunny, Cloudy, Windy, Rainy, Snowy. There are always a few oddballs who'll buy a hot drink in hot weather or a cold drink in cold weather. You will see five different forecasts for each least one of them will always be correct...take a chance and hopefully you will offer the correct drink for the next day!

  • Retire when you're rich: When you have found yourself with lots of money, you can end the game before the 3 weeks are done. If you are lucky, you just might make it into the overall top ten scores! All the little snack shops, cafes and kiosks around Lake Loquax have their own top you can take a peek and see how well the other owners are doing, too.

    Have fun!

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